Slow-rolling, creeping, or otherwise looking shady while going down a street or through an area
Why you trollin' the neigborhood?

Stop trollin' this late it looks suspicious

He trollin' that girl mad hard
by N-Maki September 10, 2011
Top Definition
Someone that makes you mad over the internet
You're trollin!!
by KelleeeeFoSho September 13, 2009
1.To play someone, mess with someone, joke around, etc.

2. to display and or do/give the intention of controlling, "owning" , defeating, etc.
1.tom:walk on water?



joe:aw nigga why you be trollin?

2.them niggas soft as fuck, we trollin.
by ju1ce415 July 29, 2010
Guy 1- Why you Trollin', fool?

Guy 2- I ain't Trollin'!
by GetSome101 January 23, 2010
To inflict rage upon; To go on a rage spree; To anger someone
I be trollin him and he be ragin
by OO N3G4T1V3 November 06, 2010
A popular internet term, made famous by the controversial YouTube account boxxybabe. Now known by all to mean: Rummaging around the internet, causing either distress or heartache to the general public. This can consist of insistent comments written upon a thread or news post claiming to be 'FIRST', or in another fashion, such as playing a popular song and or video down, whereupon you are given the all exclusive 'Troll' title. This word is used constantly over the internet to refer to someone who looks through the inter-webs so as to cause disarray.
MAN A:Hey man, you do some trollin' last night on the new forum post?
MAN B:No, decided to take a poop instead.
by finallysunset February 09, 2010
the act of seeking out a person to have causual sex with. In a bar or on the internet
He was trolling the chat rooms for a chick make it with
by handle August 14, 2003
The art of Trollin' is to call out stupid people and say "Hey, stupid people! I see what you're doing, and I don't like it"

Trollin' can be done anywhere, though it's mostly done online. And is the simple yet effective task of annoying the fuck out of someone, untill they give up or get mad. Usually resulting in the person leaving the forum/chat room.

It is often speculated as to what Trolls get out of Trollin'. Though most Trolls will tell you that it brings then gleeful joy to successfully Troll a stoopid.

To avoid being Troll'd, simply do not feed the Troll.
For example Google "Example of Trollin'"
by Arronymous May 02, 2011
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