The purposeful act of being up to no good, particularly when having consumed alcohol. Often performed on a Saturday night in the presence of wing-men and wing-women out on town.
Trollin' is an umbrella term for the following verbs: slight vandalism of public property; scandalously scouting attractive persons; hitting on said persons; dancing with mischievous intent in mind; making loud noises in a public forum; etc, etc, eetc.
by DonnyDarko123 May 15, 2011
A hating (usually female) facebook friend who is always talking shit or complaining about what others have to say/think.
Look what Raquisha posted on my comment. Damn, she's always trollin' . Can't she just let me be !
by Dr.101 January 26, 2012
The act of purposely exposing ones penis to the room/world, whilst pretending to be drunk and walking around waiting for women to comment on it, knowing that if they do, they want it.

Max: Aw man, I was totally trollin' this morning, and this chick came up to me and said, your dick is hanging out.

Trent: Uh... And?

Max: She totally wanted it.
by The Troller July 07, 2009
when you and your best friend travel to certain populous areas to find premium snatch.
"Hey Tai, let's go to the lanes and go trollin' for some bowling alley ass."

"Yes, let's"
by teamramrod42069 May 04, 2009
The act of being ugly as shit and/or hideous
Damn son, you see that girl? That bitch be Trollin'!!!!
by TKAZ425 July 19, 2011
bashing or hating on people/bashing or hating on people.
Steve: Why's be trollin'?
by Ambs Nels March 03, 2010
lazing about for hours at a time, socializing without time constraints, often done on college campuses when homework seems too unbearable
Kid 1: Hey, girl, what you doing?
Kid 2: I'm just trollin', you know...
Kid 1: Yeah, I might come troll with you later, after I finish this reading assignment
by AFLO's AFRO March 25, 2010

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