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Partying, getting retarded, getting fucked up, doing lots of drugs at once.
Zac: Yo Fibs, what's goin on tonight?
Fibs: I got some chrons, some oxys, and bunch of beer. I'm ragin it tonight, bro.
by pyner42 March 10, 2008
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a typically Northern Irish term meaning;

'angry' or 'annoyed' about something

pronounced rage-in
'i was so ragin he did that'

'dont do that, she'll be ragin'
by RachelSarahElla September 01, 2006
1. To Be extremely angry (mainly used in scotland)
1. "Gary just Booted me in the baws am fuckin ragin'"

2. "see if you dinnae stop moanin at me am gonnae be fuckin ragin'"
3. " See if somecunt steals ma drink fae ma stash am gonnae be quite ragin' by the way"
by Hamish-YGB January 13, 2010
crazy cool; off the hook; beast; unbelievable
"dude that song is ragin!!"

"nigguh dat party last night was ragin!"
by 1373204 July 09, 2009
Normally occurs when one gets trolled; Associated with getting angry, not being able to take jokes, etc.
I be trollin, she be ragin
by OO N3G4T1V3 November 06, 2010
ragin': Sottish way of say "raging" from the abstract noun "rage" then being turned into a verb at first, but used as an adjective for cleloquial uses. Generally used more delinquants who don't have enough brain cells to think of another word (aka angry)
"That lassie was pure ragin'"
by random bulldog August 03, 2004
A good idea
Off the wall
A good plan; anything that sounds like a good time. Ragin is the all purpose word shit is cool ragin', wanna fight ragin'
T-Man you are ragin'
by Anonymous March 04, 2003

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