Slow-rolling, creeping, or otherwise looking shady while going down a street or through an area
Why you trollin' the neigborhood?

Stop trollin' this late it looks suspicious

He trollin' that girl mad hard
by N-Maki September 10, 2011
spin off of trippin or drawlin which means acting out of place or upset or hype
"get the fuck outta my face" "y u trollin?"
*pushes* "yo u trollin"
"I hate you" "stop trollin"
by mR. tUBa April 01, 2010
Term used (sometimes) by gay men to show their distatse in the way that Bi or Bicurious men bahave when looking for a sexual partner. (1)

In the modern day, this term is widely used across the Interwebs to describe a user or member who purposefully enrages you or others for fun. (2)

A term used on the Popular channel =3 Vlog on YouTube, where the troll is a common other voice usually saying how things are "fake and gay". (No Example)
(1) Gay: What the fuck are you doing?

Bi: I'm Trolling.

(2) Troll: You're Gay!

User: Fuck off!

Troll: Gay!


by Oh Haiz! November 20, 2010
Is used to describe someone as fake and/or gay.
*Person pretends to know someone famous*
'Yo, you be trollin!"
by dancinchick November 05, 2010
running around in a game called runescape calling other players "noobs" and such. usually done on a rich high leveled player to make them angry.
guy1: hey noob!
guy2: how am i a noob? im a level 98!
guy1: ha, im just trollin!
by rocker kid09 June 05, 2010
The act of being nosey on someone elses internet profile. Common reasons for trollin are: jealousy, insecurity, or just flat out being a nosey idiot. Trollin is very much frowned upon, and usually leaves the troller enraged due to what they've found while trollin.
Jessica:"Hey Jennifer, this girl Natalie just commented on Brads page asking him to hang out tomorrow night"

Jennifer: "Did he comment back?"

Jessica: "Let's see, idk this girl but she better back off"

*Checks Natalies page*

Jessica: "He's said he's down with a winky face and a heart"

* Jessica frowns*

Jessica didn't want to see that.. but she did because she was trollin.
by Radiox November 30, 2010
the act of trippin and rollin. such as the effects of ingesting 2cb.
after i ate that 2cb, i was trollin for hours.
by cockatoo magou September 13, 2008
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