A derogetory term used for someone of african decent.

A term of endearment used by blacks to each other.
Man, check out that pimpin' trolley!

Ay trolley was' happenin'!
by 15432 October 17, 2010
Excellent, notably good.
That film we saw last night was trolley
by Foxo February 06, 2005
Lady of the night
Bob took a ride on the trolley tonight. At least she was pretty this time.
by Mericaeffya March 31, 2013
A Link Between Reality and MAKE believe
MR. Rogers Neighborhood Mr. Rogers used trolley to do so
by Michael Byron January 12, 2006
A shopping cart used by a homeless person for keeping his or her posessions.
"Hey, that dude is trying to jack your trolley!"
by Egrupons September 11, 2006
verb, to be a trolley is somewhat simmilar to village bicicle, however you can fit far more in a trolley.

can also be used as a greating to such a person. hello trolley
e.g. page 3 model jordan is a trolley
by michael shawe April 26, 2004
1. An instantaneous compulsion to lose your lunch in an upwards or downwards direction.
2. A Particlarly unpleasant experience usually caused by female mingin-ness
"That chick gives me trolley"

(Bad event) (Place hand on stomach) "Trolley!"
by Mordy July 13, 2003

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