A member of a great family that has an alumni network of over 300,000 members worldwide. It is currently ranked higher than UCLA, NYU, UVA, Tuft, Michigan - Ann Arbor and many other prestigious universities. In the past 5 years USC has won 4 Rosebowls and 2 national championships. Some graduates from USC include Forrest Whitaker, Kyra Sedgwick, George Lucas, and Mark Sanchez. Included on the faculty is Dr. Paul Frommer, a linguistics professor who created the Na'vi language. The 5 true characteristics one must have to be a Trojan are FAITHFUL, SCHOLARLY, SKILLFUL, COURAGEOUS, and AMBITIOUS. USC gives over 600 million dollars in scholarships every year to make sure that financial problems do not stand in the way of a student and their proper school. The Trojan Marching Band is considered the greatest band in the history of the universe.
Interviewer: Where did you go to school?
Interviewee: I went to USC. I'm a Trojan.
Interviewer: You're hired.

Prospy 1: Did you see Tommy Trojan over there?
Prospy 2: Yeah he looks so glorious. I hope I get in and don't have to settle for UCLA...
by UCLAsucks!!! September 16, 2010
Top Definition
A popular condom
"Trojan man....!"
by Azzkckn March 01, 2003
See UCLA rejection

A Trojan is a USC student. They believe that spending 30k for their 3.0 is better then a "cheap" state school which out ranks them in every ranking, including alumni that on average make much more then a USC grad. USC is full of whores filled to the brim with STDs and some not even discovered yet! A typical USC student is a snob whose dad paid for them to go through an expensive private school and fail out, thus being rejected from every other credible school and having no other choice but to pay 30k a year for a piss poor degree. USC is also home to famous rapists and murders. If you're a girl at a USC frat party chances are 9/10 that you will be date raped by a trojan.
Company: Where is your degree from?


Company: Sorry we only want hard working individuals, might I suggest that you work for your dad.
by bruin December 01, 2004
Someone who wasn't accepted to UCLA.
I hope that someday I don't have to settle for being a Trojan...
by God January 17, 2005
A piece of software to gain access to a computing system, while the owner isn't aware of it's existence.
Often introduced in a system hidden in an appealing looking free paquage or a free game.

In essence the same principle as the "Trojan horse" which Odysseus used to conquer Troy.
"I planted a trojan in her system, I even have access to her webcam now!"
"You really should get a life, dude!"
by BelgainDSoul August 10, 2003
1. Very annoying hacking program.
2. AOL
"I used to have a really popular trojan called aol."
by manutdfan4life February 12, 2005
A make of condom or shealth used to prevent the transition of semen from a man to a woman, man or animal.
"Yeah mate, I whacked on the ol' Trojan and did her in the batty"
by Link December 08, 2004
1)Citizen of Illion(Troy)
2)Computer hacking program
3)Someone who is a double-crosser
"I hacked that Trojan with my new trojan software however it turned out the person who gave it me was a Trojan"
by Stephen April 09, 2004
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