when at work, someone who only works 98% of the time
"Look at him sitting on his ass, he is such a Trojan"
by Dez Jones January 29, 2008

when you marry a girl at the big banana because she makes a good apple crumble, and then take her to bali in a suitcase...awwww
"Did you see that guy? Yeah he went of to trojan"
by monty mcmont mont May 10, 2006
a traditional skinhead who is proud to be working class and listens to oi/street punk/thrash; also tradskin or mod; or rudeboy(if into the whole ska-reggae scene). NOT a racist bonehead or neonazi bastard. generally has a shaved head, sometimeswith sideburns, and weres braces, jeans, big steel toe boots, and a big leather jacket. dosnt like labels or the government very much. trojans can be any race, religion, or sex. likes drinking beer and fighting. also angry and poor.
that trojan fucking kicked the shit out of that naxi cunt!!
by eden April 04, 2005
1. A mighty warrior. One with great honor.
The Trojans were the underdogs and still managed to keep the city safe for years. While the Greeks resorted to trickery to win the war, the Trojans were more honorable and fought straightforward.
2. A student at the greatest school that ever existed.
3. Rival of the saddest school there ever was.
4. One who attends the school with the most ranked athletic teams in the country as well as being one of the finest academic institutions in the US.
The Trojans have beaten the Bruins for the past 5 games and will continue to beat them for many more.
by TrojanWarrior November 12, 2004
A sexual object, usually used once then thrown away after. Mostly referring to a female (or male) who often frequents high school or college parties to have/be a one night stand. Name taken from the famous condom company, chosen for its limited use and popularity.
"The trojan I was with last night was fun, but a one time deal"
by hugwh0re September 22, 2014

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