you dont want to use it/them but you have to.
"i dont like that trojan person but i have to cause i have to get pass english"
by Encinaboyy December 16, 2008
A trojan, or trojan horse is a program designed to look like something harmless, and then cause harm to your computer. It is genreally put on a computer, when someone places an aol disk into the CD rom tray.
aol disks have many uses, placing them into your computer is not one of them.
Trojans have been reported from this use.
by Wolfpawz October 17, 2007
a plastic thing that goes over ur penis so when you have sex u dont have babies
put that trojan condom on and come give me some sugar!
by mr. tickle July 02, 2006
Describes men who wear too much orange.
Sam: Did you see #84? he's such a sexy Trojan in that bright orange jersey!

Chelsea: I know! I haven't missed any of his goals!!
by rickyricardoo7 October 19, 2010
Someone who went to a good college who is loyal. They are happily employed and can only get accepted w/a 4.1 or better. Rival of a crappy school in the rich corner of L.A. Member of one of America's Elite Universities. Best Film school in america
George Lucas, the legendary director of many classic movies, was a trojan
by jruyle September 16, 2007
Someone who chain smokes 3 decks a day
Matty: Another one already Page?
Page: Meh....
Matty: Youre a fuking Trojan
by SteveMattyPage July 11, 2006
see: useless

these are a type of condom that sucks royal balls.
NEVERY USE TROJAN use durex, they're safer
trojan sucks, use durex instead....
by akasomeone March 13, 2006
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