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The Troels is a rare breed which lives in the nature of Herning. It is defined as a rather geeky one too.
(tro%ls), subst. -e, -en, -s, Trololese
1: This creature looks like ordinary human but they aren’t. You can recognize Troels by its stunningly good-looking fur, its slightly smoky aroma, it often shows itself in black and blue colors, and if you track it down you have to be very fast because it is always in a hurry. The Troels doesn’t eat fish. The Troels is very skilled in many ways, among other things it is gifted with a logical sense and an understanding of technology. This creature is also known for it loving nature.
2: To do a Troels defines if you behave like the Troels in any way. This often means if you are using tons of time on explaining something before you get to the point.
-The name of this creature is original the name of a Danish writer called Troels Kløvedal. Before anyone had observed the Troels directly it was to be called Thomas, but when it was seen by human they decided to call it Troels because it was definitely not a Thomas.
by Ida Mia January 18, 2009

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