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1.) The closest thing to virginity that someone is willing to give you, or you're willing to give someone. Usually given to either someone of the same sex, or a flaming homosexual .

2.) AndrewBravener's spelling of 'virginity.'
Anyone who doesn't have my viginity is a fuckface that wishes they did .
by Naymoe April 01, 2008
Being in the vicinity of a vagina.
1. You do not need perfect aim to have sex with a woman, just get it in the viginity and the woman can guide it in.
by R_Mc March 03, 2008
The process of writing on Arash Parsa's Facebook wall, and mentioning that you are NOT the first to write on it.
Yo, I know I'm not the first person to write on your wall, but I take your wall viginity. Shove that one in your juicebox and suck it.
by DJ Tranc3mind November 22, 2007