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A series of three, many times being relevant to movies, books, plays, etc.
Hey, yo, Werty man, wanna' go watch the star wars trilogy? They've got two Trilogies, actually.

*Gasp* Two trilogies? That's like a seisology!
by ChioBam March 09, 2009
Also Known as "Brown Star Wars".

A Turd of such epic proportions it has to be released in three installments. The first can stand on its own as a complete adventure. The second links to the first, But has a dark inconclusive feel generating an air of foreboding and leaving itself wise open for an unknown ending. the final chapter has drama, excitement and moment where you think it is all lost, A grand battle is waged where good overcomes evil and peace is restored in your gut.
I just dropped a Trilogy
by Daviepump March 22, 2010
a form of group sex involving three people.
Dude, I went to Kim's house last night and had a trilogy with Ashley!
by Dirty_Mind September 18, 2011
When you fart three times in succession. Preferably smelly.
Dude! I just made a trilogy!
by Werts January 14, 2009
Originally a group of three related novels, plays, films, operas, or albums.However, has now evolved in meaning a creation of three ideas where the concluding piece is separated into two unnecessary parts in order to gain greater revenue.
Average teen: Are you going to go see The Hunger Games Mockingjay part 1?

Knowledgeable teen: No sir I do not plan on being robbed by such a meaningless addition in a film trilogy.
by PeaceKeeper March 03, 2015
To smoke, drink, and hang out/chill with friends/chicks all at the same time.
Friend 1: So we doin' the trilogy tonight dawg?
Friend 2: Oh yeahh man, I'll call up Chim Chim and we'll have ourselves a little pachanga!
by BigdaddyBlacksacks August 15, 2010
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