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7 definitions by ChioBam

The state of being perfectly fine, not in any distress in any manner, way, shape, or form.
Eddie: How're you Karen?

Karen: I'm A-Okay!
by ChioBam March 22, 2009
A series of three, many times being relevant to movies, books, plays, etc.
Hey, yo, Werty man, wanna' go watch the star wars trilogy? They've got two Trilogies, actually.

*Gasp* Two trilogies? That's like a seisology!
by ChioBam March 09, 2009
One step below A-Okay, meaning not perfect, but you're alright.
Eddie: Hey Karen, how are you?

Karen: I'm B-Okay.
by ChioBam March 19, 2009
Two steps below A-Okay, where you're doing pretty crappy, but you can move on, life could be worse.
Eddie: Hey, Karen!

Karen: Hey Eddie...

Eddie: You alright?

Karen: *Sigh* I'm C-Okay.
by ChioBam March 22, 2009
A series of two, relevant to movies, plays, or novels.
Eddie: Yo, the Grudge has got a dualogy.

Karren: Hell yes.
by ChioBam March 09, 2009
A series of one. Relevant to movies, plays, or novels.

A series that went no where.
Eddie: Wanna' go see that Dragon Ball Z movie?

Karren: Mannn, that shit's gonna' be an unology.
by ChioBam March 09, 2009
An sorry excuse to get a definition on Urban Dictionary by defining two words to make a definition.

Eddie: Shitfuck.

Karren: twowords

Eddie: Fuck off ho.
by ChioBam March 11, 2009