Scots: a farmer's plow, particularly a horse-drawn plow.

"...and wi' many an Angus famer's trig I've plood the bonny 'arth." - "Tramps and Hawkers," The Dubliners Definitive Transatlantic Collection
by marsch September 28, 2006
Top Definition
Short for trigonometry. (How did it end up meaning "slow-minded"?)
I took trig in high school.
by LudwigVan November 11, 2003
A political prop commonly used by republicans.
The candidate used a Trig to deflect scrutiny of her political record
by sergio the antichrist September 07, 2008
Retard, Mong, spacker, child of Sarah Palin, etc.
Way to go, ya Trig!
by Kosher Pickle Harry September 05, 2008
The preferred substitute for the word "retarded".
"Sarah Palin won't let us use the word "retarded" anymore."
"So what do we call them?"

"Dubya sounded like a Trig, even though he used teleprompters in all of his speeches"
by ReverendMikey February 07, 2010
Something or someone who is slow, retarded or not working right.
My computer is totally trig today!
by bum_urine_lupus September 24, 2008
A term of endearment used to abbreviate the phrase "true nigga"
Hey trig, did you she what she's wearing? She looks ratchet!
by caligirl421 September 30, 2012
Abbreviation of the word "Trigger"
"And I'm known to pull steel trigs and kill pigs" - Big L
by Northern Bullet January 21, 2011
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