(i.e. book worms, cock blockers, pot heads, douchebags, lemons, etc)
2." What's wrong?"
1."You called me yesterday when I was talking to some fine ass booty"
2."Oh shit, man. I'm sorry"
1."I really hate your tribe"
2."My tribe?"
1."Yeah, your tribe. You're part of the cock blockers, now"
by As Ver April 10, 2011
(v.) To ejaculate with an unusual force. Tribing- The act of ejaculating in orgasm.
I'm tribing all over your face. Tribe on my ass. Hold me... I'm gonna TRIBE!!!
by Houndz August 15, 2007
Generally speaking, any group of people with a common intentity, traits or interests. A person may feel at home in many tribes, and large/general tribes often contain sub-tribes who feel apart from each other.
*Political parties, sports teams, clubs, gangs, etc... are examples of tribes.

*Goths, Trekkies, Hackers, etc... are examples of global tribes.

*Gamers, wikipedians, christians, martial artists, etc... are examples of general tribes containing very different sub-tribes.

*Different levels of family are tribes, and nations as well.
by Dork Wonderer July 11, 2009
A very easily pirated online game. Used to be very fun and cool around 1999 but ever since the lame sequel came out, Tribes is slowly dying off. Beware of the no-life nerds who play that game as if it was their life! AKA-Pros.
One friend bought Tribes. Now 20 people pirated it from him and play too!
by mikekk67 January 05, 2004
Of Jewish descent
You - "That chick is hot"
Your friend - "She's tribe too"
by gdollar January 03, 2004
A group of friends.
Person 1: Yo. Me and the tribe are coming over tonight.. before game.
Person 2: cool.
by Anonymous May 23, 2003
A Tribe is a particularly loud group of African-Americans that stand in a large group blocking pedestrian traffic. Tribes are most commonly found in the middle of hallways, in malls, and in the middle of crowded sidewalks. Spear, blowgun, and head-shrinking jokes usually ensue the sighting of a tribe.
shit man, that is the LOUDEST tribe i have ever heard. that tribe is huge too, its taking up the whole damn hall! how am I suppose to get to my math class!?

look at that tribe over there man, don't get to close, they'll throw spears at you and shrink your head!
by CRAZINS December 02, 2007

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