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A positive feeling towards anything. Similar to the word awesome. Started by the youtuber MattKoval, seen in his vlog "Catch Phrases & Tressla"
Man than movie was "Tressla "!
Dude that was soo freaking "Tressla "!
by Treesla March 09, 2009
The official definition of tressla: (TRESS-luh) -adjective. Beyond awesome, reaching the upper echelons of coolness, with a slightly sarcastic tone and a scent of cheese.
"That Iron Man movie was awesome, but The Dark Knight was tressla!"
by Ctrl-C March 07, 2009
(adj) to be epically badass. The highest level of awesome-ness.
Dude, did you see his new car? It's fricking tressla!
by qwertyqwas May 03, 2009
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