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When you tittyfuck a girl's ass. Your penis will move up and down in between the cheeks without entering the anus. Only usable on a girl with a tight ass.
Yo man I was trenching that bitch so hard last night

Dude I'm so jealous that must be better than anal

No doubt
by bigjah December 01, 2011
Trenching: The act of having sex without penetration by simply putting your penis between the woman's legs in her thigh gap and thrusting, or by rubbing the penis between the labia ie. In the trenches.
Dude she was a prude and wouldn't let me bang her, but at least I got of while trenching her.
by hockeymama2330 June 20, 2016
Going Grocery Shopping, Food shopping or supermarket run,
Liz Vicious is going trenching
by the_frontera December 15, 2011
To run your finger between pussy lips in an attempt to remove the cheese that resides there.
"Edward enjoys trenching a vagina every morning. He says the dollop of cheese he scoops out tastes wonderful mixed into his morning coffee."
by grape_catAg April 14, 2015
When 2 or more men get down and dirty in a muddy trench. presumably that they dug out them selves (without a shovel)
Dammit that those two guys like trenching, they've dug out a whole trench system.
by t.steve.09 September 11, 2011
Trenching v. -To dance, jump, scream and sing, whilst pushing, shoving and potentially biting other audience members in the 'trench pit' of a concert. This is formally known as "moshing".
"I got a huge bruise, while Trenching at that concert, last Friday!"
by MaeganTrottier! January 12, 2009
The act of one man ejaculating into another mans penile opening
Trenching is not for the weak and unexperinced
by BeefCurtain McGurken October 10, 2010
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