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Awsome movie of 1989, starring Kevin Bacon, inwhich large worms (graboids) terrorize a small desert town.
a good movies
by Winnie The Shit November 28, 2003
A dance move which originated in Chicago consisting of an individual shaking uncontrollably, e.g., like having a seizure, for a short period of time before and after assquaking it to the floor.
Moist Madie: Is Marc OK? Seems like he’s shivering after that amazing assquake.
Sisqo: Furshure, that’s his new dance move called the Tremor. He busted that move out at the Badonkqdonk the last night.
Moist Madie: I wish he could Tremor me all night.
by S&L4Life July 05, 2013
What a woman feels after a 'pleasurable' experience, not necessarily down to a man.
State of pleasure resulting in Tremors
by laini101 January 10, 2012
That bubbly feeling in your stomach shortly before having to take a massive shit, in particular explosive diarrhea.
Man, I have to get home fast, I'm already having Tremors from eating those Krystal's burgers.
by Big D's Nuts July 09, 2011
originally referred to as giant blind worms that "live in the ground," this refers to the act of drinking a large quantity of beers, generally Budweiser, but not limited to this.
Also see Select Tremors (Budweiser Select)
and Down-Home Tremors (American Ale)
and 40oz Tremor (40oz Budweiser.)
"Hey man, what are you doing tonight?"
"You know, Killin' Tremors, you should come over and do your part."

by TreeOC December 06, 2008
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