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A dance move which originated in Chicago consisting of an individual shaking uncontrollably, e.g., like having a seizure, for a short period of time before and after assquaking it to the floor.
Moist Madie: Is Marc OK? Seems like he’s shivering after that amazing assquake.
Sisqo: Furshure, that’s his new dance move called the Tremor. He busted that move out at the Badonkqdonk the last night.
Moist Madie: I wish he could Tremor me all night.
#dancing #dance move #assquake #assquaking #tremor
by S&L4Life July 05, 2013
A dance which originated in Chicago consisting of bending ones knees and rotating a leg like a jump rope, similar to the Stanky Leg, but with the foot and leg behind oneself. The Stanky Leg has been deemed by the Urban Dictionary contributors as one of the “lamest dances” to date but when combined with the Janky Leg, it just becomes an awesomely stupid dance move.
Chiquita: Hey, what’s the Stank up to on the dance floor? Looks like a reverse Stanky Leg.
Sisqo: Yea, it’s the Janky Leg. He warms up with the Stanky Leg, then moon walks that same leg into the Janky Leg position. I wish I had moves like that.
Chiquita: Damn, that look good.
#stanky leg #janky #dance moves #dancing #moon walking
by S&L4Life July 05, 2013
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