A member of the Skundy subculture. Identified by heavy use of Skundy slang or high, aristocratic language. Nilly=nothing
dleff: mate or friend
skundy: going on, cool, hip
Hey treff, what's skundy?
Nilly, dleff, nilly!
by skudge December 26, 2007
Top Definition
A combination of the words "true" and "deff". It is used as a substition for either; or to agree with a previously spoken statement.

"That girl is mad ugly"
by ilannnnaaaa November 11, 2008
A generalized term of abuse ("motherfucker," "bastard"); fellow.
That guy is such a motherfuckin' treff!
by Rivv ·X· February 24, 2015
(noun) tracie and jeff; excessive PDA in the hallway (verb) to come up from behind someone and wrap your arms under their arms with your arms resting on their stomach area: treffing, treffish, treffy
Gross, did you see Treff treffing in the hallway?
by SWAT November 12, 2004
an individual who acts cool and tries to get attention by pretending to be a rebel in front of his peers.
that kid is such a treff
by tim December 12, 2003
a small gang, usually 3-6 people, that is composed of a mixture of jackalopes, jerkalopes, and fagalopes, and that goes around bugging other people and occasionally beating somebody up. the people in a treff think that they are cool, but weaker people stay away from them and stronger people laugh at them and think about secretly beating them up.
look at thaose stupid people, they are a treff
by leon December 08, 2003
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