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39 definitions by leon

A Homosexual in a sleeping bag.
by Leon February 27, 2003
A very thin woman with huge breasts.
Beth was so this she looked like tits on a stick.
by Leon February 27, 2003
yeah, but there ain't no "we", either.
taken from the budweiser commercial featuring Leon.
by Leon November 02, 2004
- A farting game gone wrong.

- Description : the picture of a girl, now known as tubgirl, in which she's lying down and lifts her feet up to her shoulders, so that her anus faces upwards, then literally takes a liquid dump on her own face.

- Often mentioned alongside goatse.
"Tubgirl is a case of semi-inverse bulimia"
by Leon April 07, 2004
female form of "leon"
leon is a guy
leona is a girl
by leon October 26, 2004
OPinions & EDitorials
An op-ed peice for the NY times
by leon June 19, 2006
The stain on ones undergarments left after an explosive anal emission.
"Oh my God ! Dom has shit himself again, you can see that skidmark on his faded blue jeans !"
by Leon October 22, 2003