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the gang call used by Bloods. It is pronounced several ways:
1. So-woop
2. Suh-woop (suh as in sun)
3. soo-woop (soo as in suit)

It can also be repeated to imitate the sound of a police car
(woop woop, swoop)
if you listen closely a police car may make a noise like "soo woop" and this may be where the Bloods derived the call.

If a Crip member hears the call, they are "required" to respond loudly with KILLA
It can also be a noun "he's a suhwoop, blood, don't fuck wit him."

it is a bastardiztion of "swoop"
the rival call if UH RIP meaning Crip

Blood member: WOOP WOOP!
Another blood: SUHWOOP!
Crip: It's them swoop bitches, cuzz. KILLA!
by skudge December 26, 2007
see "suhwoop". a different pronounciation of suhwoop used by the Bloods gang.
Tyrone: What up bluh?
Sho'binga'bing: SOOWOOP!
Tyrone: Nuttin but a Blood thang.
Sho'binga'bing: On Bloods.
by skudge December 26, 2007
The noise of anger, then choking, made by a man who is unable to hang himself correctly and then succeeds.
Edgar Allen Poe made this noise alot. AAAARRRRRGGGGLLLBLBLLBLBL!!!
by skudge December 27, 2007
A gang term used by gangs that rep with red (chiefly Bloods and Northsiders) which means wearing alot of or entirely red clothing to represent the gang. Used in combination with belts, hats, even shoelaces to a certain side (e.g left for Northsiders, right for Bloods in most cities left for Bloods in the People Nation)
Nigga1: Look at Tyrone, rockin' red to da flo'. Nigga why you flamed up?
Tyrone: It's B'z up, nigga.
by skudge December 26, 2007
A Chicago-based gang alliance that wears the colors to the left. Identifiers include pyramids and other pseudo-Islamic stuff, 5 point stars, king's crowns, and red, black, gold, and green clothing. Hats, belts, rags etc. always to the left.
They rival the Folks and call them food, fish, flukes, and sometimes crabs (because Folks in some areas are aligned with the 8-Ball Crips)
Some Bloods actually bang with the rag to the left because of People Nation.
by skudge December 26, 2007
An expression used by Bloods to mean "for real"? indicating that the person believes in a fact so much he is willing to "put it on" his gang.
Tyrone: I fucked dat ho Shaniqua last night, bluh
Tybone: On Bloods?
Tykrone: Daaaamn!
by skudge December 26, 2007
a fashionable usually long chain attached to a wallet to prevent theft. typicall yooked to the belt loop or pants somehow. sometimes worn strictly for fashion. popular in rocker, biker, punk, goth, and recently hip hop culture.
That wallet chain is very fashionable, but it also makes it so people can't pickpocket you.
by skudge December 27, 2007

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