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Nillys have a heart of gold and are honest,respectable and absolute sweehearts. Nillys are always wearing a smile and are always interested in how others are doing. Nillys have beautiful eyes, soft features and an Angelic look about them. Nillys are dedicated friends and will always be there for people who they have made a bond with. They are great mothers with just the right amount of caring versus discipline. Nillys tend to worry about what others think of them to much. Nillys always give terrific hugs. They are the envy of other women who worry about their own looks to much.
by AlotofBFF February 03, 2010
A nilly is the part of meat that isn't meat. It's a tendon, ligament, blood vessel etc.
I'm going to gag, I just bit down on a nilly.
by Little Orange Blossom October 14, 2015
A British slang; another word for whore.
Girl 1: I heard Jackie slept with 4 guys last night, one being your bf

Girl 2: That bitch is such a nilly!!
by Francine Frensky November 27, 2010
slang for Nildram, an ISP.

And if you use it please for the love of god stop it.
yeah im on Nilly 2 meg
by Big Cook Ben July 23, 2004
Testicles; Testes; Nuts; Balls.
Dude got hostile so I kicked him in the nillies!
by Alpo August 24, 2005
A brother and a sister who physically love each other.
Ew, that guy looks just like the girl he's kissing, what a Nilly.
by Martin Kazuo Tuffs May 01, 2012
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