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A group of homosexual men who are traveling in a herd-like manner. The herd of fagalopes are apparently born with an aversion to wallaby.
Oh my God, it's Nick, Sai, and Justin; those fagalopes are on a stampede to watch Jumanji starring Robin Williams.
by Natetendo Wii March 21, 2008
1. An annoying Flamboyant mythical creature looking like a rabbit with antlers.

2. Someone who is incredibly fail and quite annoying.
"Hey man, quite being a fagalope."

"Sorry bro!"

"No man, seriously, I have finals. I need you to stop hiccuping"
by CactusSun March 17, 2010
Rural slang for effeminate assmunch.

Also denotes gullibility, incredulity and impatient bitchiness.

Never used against women, ONLY men. (Or a reasonable facsimile thereof.)
"What's YOUR problem, fagalope?"
by snagg September 10, 2008

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