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Another names for Trainers
Gonna get some new Treads!
by Doug November 24, 2004
23 10
Something or someone that is very cool.
That party was so tread.
by Riki da big boy November 08, 2011
16 7
The term hood rats use when they want to put their boot against someone's face.
I got tread on these bitches.
by street cheetah January 12, 2014
1 0
a Tire, wheel, tube on a bicycle or a car.
I ran over a piece of glass and now I need a new tread
by Deek da Biker December 09, 2005
22 23
A dirty, long-haired teenager who listens to heavy metal music and wears black heavy metal t-shirts, ratty sneakers, and jeans.
The Metallica concert was full of pot-smoking treads.
by Geeko September 09, 2004
27 30
A 'tread' is a half-male who is good at everything except making friends, and makes enemies easily with people taller and stronger than him. He is also a bit of a dick, and pretends to be a know-it-all.
Stop being such a tread.
by The 69 Dollar Man September 20, 2012
6 10
The hero of the Alliance on the World of Warcraft server of Mug'Thol.
Tread is the hero of the alliance!
by Moondre April 22, 2007
10 15