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Another names for Trainers
Gonna get some new Treads!
by Doug November 24, 2004
The amount of space in between the woman's vagina where you can feel her walls. If you can feel her walls very well then she has lots of tread. If you can't feel her then she has no tread left. There is a tread scale.

5 - Virgin
4 - She's not a whore
3 - Maybe been around here and there
2 - You're definitely not her first
1 - You better be big

0 - Hot dog down the hallway
Emily has lots of tread, she was right about not being a hoe.

Bernice: "I have lots of tread and I have slept around a bunch."

Eddie:" I'll be the judge of that."
by awbatman500 May 11, 2014
a Tire, wheel, tube on a bicycle or a car.
I ran over a piece of glass and now I need a new tread
by Deek da Biker December 09, 2005
A dirty, long-haired teenager who listens to heavy metal music and wears black heavy metal t-shirts, ratty sneakers, and jeans.
The Metallica concert was full of pot-smoking treads.
by Geeko September 09, 2004
The term hood rats use when they want to put their boot against someone's face.
I got tread on these bitches.
by street cheetah January 12, 2014
Someone who's best contribution to society would be running on a treadmill to create energy; Retarded people.
Most of the people on the short bus are treads.
by Vic July 22, 2003
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