A slang term for a transsexual.
Let's have a look ... *Fap fap fap* ... oh no... IT'S A TRAP!
by m666 July 27, 2007
another way of saying 'mouth', although derogetary. Often used in conjunction with words such as jive turkey,mofo and just turkey
Shut your trap, jive turkey

Shut your trap, mofo

Shut your turkey, trap turkey
by alex March 18, 2004
To successfully land on an aircraft carrier.
The C-2B trapped on the Truman's deck.
by Colin Ritter August 06, 2003
The "trap" refers to a situation in which a woman tells her spouse that she is using birth control pills, when in reality she isn't. It's called the trap because if the woman becomes pregnant "accidentally," the man is essentially trapped for the rest of his life, having to raise the kid and pay child support.
The trap is a serious problem in the urban black community.
For a man, the best defense against the trap is to use a condom every time.
by Norad II September 03, 2005
A trap is a boarded window house where people deal drugs.
that boy is in that trap over there.
by king gibbz February 26, 2006
A transexual, a woman who was previously a man.

Commonly mispelled: tarp
you> hey man, check out this hot chick
your mate> WTF MAN ITS A TRAP!!
by Lolling Pin December 29, 2005
A car, truck a form of vehicle.
"...stuntin in my trap, rollin on gold plated dubs..."
by Carlito Gulianno July 25, 2005

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