"In the Trap", not to be confused with the hood although very similiar enviroments. It's where a someone scores some shit every morning, i call it staying on the grind or the hustle and then pushes to surburbanites for a profit.
If you dont live there, you dont belong there.
"i'am not in the hood, i'am in the trap selling weed pushin' crack, i'am livin' bigga, i'am livin' bigga...etc
#trap #weed #crack #hood #ghetto
by M. Orphan August 27, 2006
What dem down south playas call Decatur, GA

city that is hard to get out of if born there so you are trapped
i was born and raised in tha trap
#trapp #dec #decatur #hood #tha trap
by Holyfield5 October 19, 2006
A term for anything that has a sexual inconsistency with a preconceived notion, such as a woman with a penis or man with a vagina.
I was gonna fuck that chick, but my friend warned me that she was a trap.
#trap #sex #penis #tranny #transexual
by Son of Dictionary September 22, 2007
A trap is an area where drugs are sold. Most commonly found in the ghetto, mainly because nobody cares what the niggers do there.
Tyrone be in duh trap tonight, but he comin home soon nigguh'.

You best be ringin KFC right bout nows.
#dope boy #trap #drug deal #ghetto #hood #hood rat
by nox.the.king July 20, 2006
A female with a penis where her vagina should be
That girl there is a trap.
#transgendered #transgender #transexual #trapitis #trappish
by Kijunaa August 16, 2007
A slang term for a transsexual.
Let's have a look ... *Fap fap fap* ... oh no... IT'S A TRAP!
#transsexual #fap #pr0n #ackbar #it's a trap
by m666 July 27, 2007
another way of saying 'mouth', although derogetary. Often used in conjunction with words such as jive turkey,mofo and just turkey
Shut your trap, jive turkey

Shut your trap, mofo

Shut your turkey, trap turkey
by alex March 18, 2004
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