Food stamps...many hookers have sex to get them... hence the name tramp stamps. Coupons/money provided by the goverment for the poor people to buy food.
These damn tramp stamps don't buy diapers.
by Christina September 07, 2004
Can be used to describe either a tattoo above a chicks ass or a hickey depending on which part of the U.S. you are in.
i.e. You can see her tramp stamp, her bikini bottoms are so low.


She went out with her ex and got a tramp stamp.
by Kris June 16, 2006
Noun; A woman's tatoo.
A women's body art.
Tramp stamp

"I dig her tramp stamp on her lower back."

It suggests that women with tatoos are sometimes a little more experimental with their bodies so maybe they are more experimental with other things too.
by Danimal67 June 20, 2006
Another way to describe a hickey.
Damn, girl....that boy sucked your neck and gave you a "tramp stamp".
by Lavenia May 09, 2004
a tattoo on the lumbar section of a person. called such for the association of promiscuity and the tattoo's placement especially when intentionally worn exposed through a combination of low-slug bottom/high-cropped top clothing. also used by some as a target during doggy-style intercourse in order to shoot one's load onto it... also referred to as 'putting one through the uprights' as it implies kicking a field goal, only in a sexual connotation :)
"...she got her cell number put in a tramp stamp above her ass."
by BigJohnSmash April 15, 2015
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