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4 definitions by mcappleyx3

An abbreviation for people who are either too lazy to type out, or who are ashamed of their sexuality, meaning *I Kissed A Girl*. This was first created by Katy Perry's controversial song, I Kissed A Girl.
Utensils: "IKAG<3333333333333".
Me: "Oh thats nice..."
by mcappleyx3 March 30, 2010
a tattoo
"Nice tramp stamp."
by mcappleyx3 May 09, 2010
A particularly annoying way to type "roflmao", similar to "elohel", reffering to "lol".
Basically, its' another way for stupid kids to keep themselves entertained with typing because abbreviating words is so last year. Elohel.
Cheerio: "L!ke 0hemgee! Check 0ut th@t guy^$ @fr0!!!"
Fruitloop: "Elohel. :) Th@ts so h@wttt! x3"
Cheerio: "Areoheffelaymo, !kr."
by mcappleyx3 March 30, 2010
note: *WoW*, not wow or wow.
WoW is a health video shown to middle schoolers where a woman (normally fat and old) holds up sock puppets explaining birth and sex. It is probably one of the scariest things you'll ever see.
WoW stands for *Wonders of Wonders*
(paralyzed kid being wheeled away by the ambulance)
Person A: Dude what happened to her?
Person B: She just came out of the WoW assembly...
by mcappleyx3 March 31, 2010