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6 definitions by insecureshoe

Male genetalia. As heard in the song Bloodhound Gang - F.U.C.K
Batter dip the cranny ax, In the gut locker
by insecureshoe December 18, 2006
35 7
Stand Fast Pit Crew. A pit crew consisting of scene kids that try to copy BYPC. Seen at harcore shows usually in shorts and hoodies.
SFPC guy just got kicked in the head
by insecureshoe December 16, 2006
23 3
A word that can be used when playing Super Smash Bros and nobody is allowed to touch you for a period of time.
Let it be!,
Let it be!
by insecureshoe December 12, 2006
60 43
Hardcore punk not metalcore or screamo
hXc kid: im so hardcore i listen to underoath!
by insecureshoe December 12, 2006
75 62
A word use to tell someone to go away at a fast pace.
"get off the court"
by insecureshoe December 22, 2006
37 28
Slang for the word trampoline.
"Hey lets go and jump around on the tramp"
by insecureshoe December 14, 2006
174 171