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when you use a towel to cover yourself while you change out of a swim suit, most often in front of a few people on the deck of a pool
person 1:how did you change out of your swim suit if u didnt go into the locker room?
person 2:towelling
person 1:oh
by tfrey January 16, 2006
to make someone cum while they are still wet immediately after a shower or bath, usually when lying on a bed, exhausted from a hot soaking

to cum while naked and wet
She got out of the shower, and I was ready to give her a towelling

She was soaking when she walked into the bedroom, all she wanted was a good towelling
by MonkeyBoots November 27, 2011
Two meanings:
1. beating someone comprehensively
2. gay locker room antics between homosexual men
1. I towelled that Pontiac at da lights
2. I towelled Gary\'s ass so good after the game
by Hozey April 26, 2005