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The equivalent to planking.

To drape yourself over an object, as if becomeing or impersonating a towel. Comes from the term planking, but planking became too "lame" to partake in; thus the creation of 'toweling'.

Originated by an unintelligent teenage girl in a small suburb out side of Dallas Texas, and has swiftly taken north Texas by storm.
Demarcus "hey bro let's take some cool pictures of us planking!"
Carlos "nah man that's so old, let's go toweling!"
both boys drape themselves over an Orthodontist office sign and take pictures, soon to be uploaded to Facebook.
by Basegod4life July 22, 2011
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When you pass out drunk with your towel on after taking a shower
"How was your night man?"

"Man I got so drunk I was toweling last night"
by WoolworthsAus December 09, 2016
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