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spin off of the word motts...very good...interesting or entertaining.
Man that movie was the totts!
by Bob Serwetz August 12, 2008
Topic of This Thread.
ToTT: What's your favorite type of squirrel?

Post #1: The roadkill kind.
by mm18 November 27, 2013
An acronym for Take Out The Trash
"Hey April, can you TOTT real quick?"

"Sure George, I can TOTT in a few minutes. Let me just make this ice cream cone first"
by turbojones May 15, 2016
Twittering On The Toilet
Just ran out of toilet paper! :( #TOTT
by xSxhxaxuxnx July 05, 2010
the action of texting on the toilet
i'm totting you right now actually
by slimshaney September 22, 2010
tits on the table
"bro, did you see her shirt?"

"hell yeah i did, that was some tott."
by i call shenanigans August 01, 2008
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