Another way of calling someone fat. Tort is short for the spanish word "Torta" which is food.
Dang that girl is cute but too bad shes a tort
by Lawlerskater88 November 28, 2009
the iphone correction to "tits".
"that girl has amazing torts"
by snizzle316 January 06, 2009
1. moving or proceeding with little or less than usual speed or velocity.
2. taking or requiring a comparatively long time for completion.
3. a person who is stupid, lazy, or ineffective in some way
noun- tort
verb- torting
adjective- torted
you could describe someone as torting or call someone tort.
example 1: come on jay pass it, your tortin on that shit.
example 2: lets go tort, your always one step behind.
by sarah a. June 27, 2007
Trick or Treating; A way to shorten it so you don't have to spell it all out because you're lazy. ;o
LemonSonic: Sweet! Hey dude, You wanna go torting with me and my friends?

Shoeboxmoments x: Naah... That's for babies... :\

LemonSonic: Then come with us. ;]
by Nintendoid :] October 24, 2007
(Noun). A child's fart, usually associated with a tonkle. Torting and tonkling combine to form a torkle.
Uh oh, I think little Justin just torted!
by Dan St. Aubin March 06, 2006
To take one's money
Man, aberflaben tort!
by Afsheen Semnani January 21, 2003

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