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A fighting move executed by jumping over one's opponent, and extending one's legs vertically into them, while extending one's arm's upwards into the air. The move gets its name from the shout yelled whilst performing it. The shout must be loud but brief. Made famous by Captain Falcon's spike move.
Captain Falcon: "TOOP!"
by Captain_Falcon7 April 10, 2010
A substitute for any bad word.
Mutha Tooper
by toop man November 24, 2011
A word that means anything and everything.
Toop, I definitely tooped that tooper the other night. They were all like "tooooop!" and I was like "toop yaaaa"
by Pootguy September 21, 2009
To text someone while pooping, informing them of the setting in which your B.M. is occuring; as to share the joy. Followed by the poop pile emoticon, if available.
Received via text:

"Arby's handicap stall toop!"

If the homeless texted:

"Public library toop!"
by BMaficionado February 22, 2012
A word first derived after a mistake when trying to type 'top'. It since has become a term fo refer to someone who is of great importance to a person. Other terms are shuna, mona and beboo.
"Oh toop..." <3
by Jaan x March 30, 2013
A light insult. It is most commonly exchanged with the words "tool" or "idiot".
Example 1
Person 1: Man I was so out of it I pissed all over the floor!
Person 2: Wow your'e such a toop...

Example 2
Person 1: Adrian is so cute, do you think i should ask him out?
person 2: Nah, if you knew him like I do you would realize that he's a total toop!

Example 3
Person 1: *slips on floor and lands in kitty litter*
Person 2: Hahaha what a toop!
by ethorn January 03, 2012
When you toot but you accidentally poop a little in your pants.

See shart.
Jason tooped when laughing so hard that he had to change his pants.
by #1 tooper May 09, 2011