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An act of foolishness performed by a tool of a person.
Lindsay Lohan's "toolishness" is beyond compare.
by Excellante December 07, 2010
Displaying the characteristics of a tool, aka loser or douchebag.
Tom's toolishness was apparent when he described his evening only in the amount of alcoholic beverage he had consumed.

"Yeah man, i was sooooooo wasted last night, I had like 50 beers. I gotta check my bank account to see what i did last night"
by Zak Attack January 30, 2008
An act of extreme toolitude.
Can be performed by a professional tool, or by someone who is not really a tool. Basically, anyone can perform and act of toolish-ness
Dude, last night, i was pwning on Halo 3, but then some major DB cubed pulled an act of extreme toolish-ness, and ended my killing spree.
by Master McHam September 26, 2007
To behave in a rude manner, or to act in such a way as to invite people to not like you.
We will not respond to Kiranth's toolishness.
by Dorian July 15, 2005