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4 definitions by Dorian

Childish yet playful warlock that exploits game code to kill his realmates in the Auctionhouse
Biny boomed in the Auction House and they all died!
by Dorian March 15, 2005
24 7
In France, The real OG. the master of the PIMPS.
Stronger than Snoop Dogg
by Dorian February 08, 2005
3 2
To behave in a rude manner, or to act in such a way as to invite people to not like you.
We will not respond to Kiranth's toolishness.
by Dorian July 15, 2005
2 4
Anyone who likes any guitar based music. Anyone with long hair. Anyone with jeans, band t-shirt and a dark hoody. Sweaties could just have had a shower/bath and still they would be told to have a bath... basically chavs and crap just make shit up because theyre idiots.
A sweaty is walking down the street minding his/her own business when a chav approaches him.
"Oh yeah mate, fckng sweaty bstrd mate, want rumble do ya?"
"Uhh... wha?"
"Lamp ya out mate"
Whilst the lesser, weaker more annoying chavs say...
"Go on, lamp him out son. Needs a wash, needs a hair cut mate. Oh yeah!"
by Dorian January 25, 2005
10 16