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Derived from the English word tool meaning "Ultimate Douche Bag" Toolish refers to a person usually to a man who is acting only slightly like a tool and there for cannot be considered as an "Ultimate Douche Bag" More of he's just being toolish. One might be referred to as toolish if he or she has only recently began acting like this and one is not sure if the sed person is really a tool or just acting differently. Toolish is only applicable if the person in question has only recently became of tool or is only acting mildly like a tool. Toolish became a word just slightly after the word it was derived from "Tool" was made. Toolish is a fantastic word that when used correctly can really set a person straight on how they have been acting lately.
Warning: If one is only being toolish you may still have a chance to revert them back to a normal non asshole person who can be respected.
"Dude that guys being extremely toolish tonight"

"Hey He's been a bit toolish lately"

"Damn Bob been acting toolish every since he met that hoe"
"Bob been acting weird lately kinda like a tool but ehh i guess hes only toolish"
"That guy over is being toolish"
When using the word toolish make sure to use it with authority and make sure the other person knows that there being a Slight Douche Bag on the cusp of "Ultimate Douche Bag ness"
Enjoy your new found word!
by Aylax495 August 13, 2011

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