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A woman who uses her body or withholds sex as a form of revenge or manipulation against men. As a result, she ends up making herself into an object.
Jack has been dating Jill for two months and she still won't have sex with him after all the time, money, and effort he has put into the relationship.

Jack needs to drop that bitch-ass Toolette like a bad habit and get laid.
by c--dub October 12, 2009
a girl whom will constantly torture a man, leading him on, and often confusing him in respect to feelings. cannot be trusted due to her ability to get large amounts of men. often seem very innocent
a toolette is currently breaking my heart.
by aberdouche December 12, 2010
A female version of a "tool", one who does something that makes you say "why did you do that?"
I can't believe Shawna did something like that, she is a true toolette.
by technology guru January 01, 2008
Also spelled "tewelette". Annoying female tending to overplan every day in life to the detriment of those involved. Spreadsheets, Prozac and the F-bomb are typical signs if your wife or coworker is becoming a Toolette.
"That dam Toolette just called me a Kabby!!!"
by Kelly Peterpipersmoker May 10, 2005
A female verision of a tool.
A toolette is someome who lacks the mental capacity to know she is being used by someone. A fool. Characterized by low social knowledge and high insecurity. Someone who tries too hard. a poser.
-Girls who pout and stick out their tongue in pictures, and post and tag 50000 of those pictures on facebook
girl: Why did you not answer the question?
toolette: Because I don't want to look smart. I want to be cool!
-Girls who act hyper and super nice so she wants other people to think that she is a good person.
girl: Yeah, so I dumped him infront of all of his friends. I did the wham of love
toolette: SCADOOOSH. You just slampwhamed the douchpurse!
girl: what?
toolette: "Omg...everyone is wearing Brown Ugg boots and tight legging. OFF TO THE MALL!!!"
by CLLSEHY December 26, 2010
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