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1 definition by CLLSEHY

A female verision of a tool.
A toolette is someome who lacks the mental capacity to know she is being used by someone. A fool. Characterized by low social knowledge and high insecurity. Someone who tries too hard. a poser.
-Girls who pout and stick out their tongue in pictures, and post and tag 50000 of those pictures on facebook
girl: Why did you not answer the question?
toolette: Because I don't want to look smart. I want to be cool!
-Girls who act hyper and super nice so she wants other people to think that she is a good person.
girl: Yeah, so I dumped him infront of all of his friends. I did the wham of love
toolette: SCADOOOSH. You just slampwhamed the douchpurse!
girl: what?
toolette: "Omg...everyone is wearing Brown Ugg boots and tight legging. OFF TO THE MALL!!!"
by CLLSEHY December 26, 2010