slang for cocaine. used in conversation when around people are around.
"you hanging out with tony tonight?"
"do you know where tony is?"
by velix May 27, 2005
A gay, motherfucker,that has no friends and no life,who mind rapes children while they sleep, acts like a fucking bastard to anyone tells him where to shove his fucking Pokemon cards. He thinks he sees vampires and werewolves and thinks he's gods given gift to women.Arrogant prick.
See that guy over there he's like tony.
Tony's in our class for his sake I hope I don't kick him in the balls he doesn't have.
by Wednesday69 August 22, 2012
Tony - To have an incident worse than a mare. The word derives from the late Prime Minister 'Tony Blair' - which rhymes with mare is therefore the appropriate word.
I'm having a mare today mate. What about you?

I'm having a Tony, mate.
by cunego March 15, 2011
Extremely gay homo that plays drums. Commonly associated with the word "Fag" and "Queer"

Loves bands such as Circa-Survive, and other gay bands.
"You know that Tony guy?"

"Yeah, that guy is a total fag."

"I know, right?"
by Fucking Awesome Ass Dude September 14, 2011
An adjective to describe a situation in which you have made a foolish error in speaking that even a five year old would chortle at.
"Hey guys my basement has insulin in the walls."
"You mean insulation?"
"Oh yeah...that."
"LAWLL you just pulled a Tony.
by awesomesauce99999 April 19, 2011
This one really fucking adorable guy who goes to my school. He's Italian (of course) and he has curly, dark hair and eyes that I cannot get out of my head.
Get out of my head.
He's pretty much good at everything {drama, track, grades} so I'm pretty sure if he wasn't so fucking cute (and ridiculously ticklish) I would hate his guts.
Effing A, Tony's not in any of my classes 'cause he's graduating early. Oh well. It's probably a good thing, now I'll be able to actually focus on school.
by {boom} February 01, 2009
In a business context it is a term for a useless overpaid contractor or consultant on a huge wage but has the brain of a Jack Russell that was the runt of the litter and has since been in several brain injuring accident and is on viagra. The type of person you assume would only exist as a lazy, poorly defined character in a book about stock trading in the 80's. Out of the office Tony's (collective) tend to get drunk and go to strip clubs before getting a lady of the night to hug them while they cry themselves to sleep in their hotel room.
"Tony, i was once a young ambitious Tony like you but you need to remember im the shark on this Savanna, your just a young a young Elk of a Tony"
"Ha ha Tony, thats very blue sky of you but a little out the box, if you check the metric's, you'll see that im the big cheese on this merry-go-round and your just an apple core on the slide"
"Well Tony........" ect ect
by Mr Crizqo August 19, 2011

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