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4 definitions by Kaley

A caucasion kid who acts and talks and dresses as if he were black and ghetto. Also called wigger up north.
Manjooey: All the dizzle fizzle coming to my crib this wizzle.

Actual Black Kid: Word, cracka.

Manjooey: Word dizzle!
by Kaley March 17, 2005
3 0
(verb) to ejaculate
;present tense

He was spermin it the bed.
by Kaley June 17, 2006
6 4
A guy who is a complete ass and dumps you for absolutely no reason at all. This kind of guy is a realy asshole and you dont need a guy like this. He is a toolbox and does what his freinds tell him to do follows crowd he also hangs out with the wrong people and doesnt know his "rights" from "wrongs." He is a true playa and just tries to get some action.

On the other hand he is thhe greatest smooth talker, and knows how to treat a girl. He sings great and knows how to make someone laugh and have a good time. Hes very outging and isnt afraid to express who he is in public. Hes the greatest kind of guy you will ever meet, just watch out </3
gilr 1: *cries*
girl 2: wats wrong?
girl 1: my boyfriend
girl 2: omg dude i told you get rid of him hes a tony!!
by Kaley December 09, 2006
58 82
poop so long that you have to stand up on the toilet to pinch it off and it curls around the inside of the bowl 3 times
Omg i think this ones gonna be a boochie.
by KaLeY March 29, 2005
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