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A funny good-hearted ladie's man who will break your neck in a second if you talk bad about his family. Although deceptively calm, all it takes is one misinterpeerated joke to set him off.
I was having a good time last night and I heard a "your momma" joke and went Tommaso on them
#tommasso #tommy #big tom stud #italian stallion #twelve inch
by sum other chick July 11, 2009
'A Total Babe' has no muscles and loves to Skate, notably associated with Skaters, Weed, Pot, Italy and Poetry. Commonly believes him self to be a ladies man, profoundly attracted to brunette northerners. The biblical name features numerous positive attributes however, the name belongs to many rude, socially unaware, impudent unpleasant brash males. Illuminates 'Storm' Features.
#rude #italian #storms #pot #weed
by KingTommaso1990 November 10, 2013
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