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While playing Mario Kart, you get shafted so bad and so many times, that you go from first to last and can't win the race.

Common symptoms of being Tom'd are: Losing horribly, throwing controllers, screaming at t.v., loss of respect, ridicule from friends, not wanting to play Mario Kart, and having to leave the house because its late and people need their sleep.
Jesse: No, no no no! Fu-fuck!! I just got shafted!!
Neil: No Jesse, you just got Tom'd.
Jessie: *throws controller* I'm done with this.
by NeiLTheReaLDeaL September 11, 2010
It is an acronym for "tities on my dick". Used primarily to signify from male to male that someone wants titties on their dick.
Tim and Bob were talking with Sandy and Tim said "I wish Tom D. was here!"
by BigB1991 March 29, 2010
Trip on ma dick - Accidentally fall on my penis, leading to intercourse.
Dequan : "Me? Worry bout shaniqua findin' out ? She can TOMD ! "
Becky : "Totally !"
by disdudenamedmichael November 25, 2014
When you wake up in the morning and your ass hurts
"what the fuck, who tom'd me last night?"
Stay away from him, he's a "tommer"
by Tommy28 September 29, 2005
Refers to "Tippin' On My Dick", a new alternative way to saying LMAO or LOL.
Yea, I saw it coming. I was Tomd!!
by NikesOnMyFeet November 15, 2010
The unfortunate result of participating in a relationship with a womanizing bastard who habitually refers to you as a roommate or buddy even after years of being married or in a serious relationship. the act of being tom'd can lead to anger, dismay, denial, and ultimately complete and utter hatred and disgust for all men.
wife/girlfriend enters restraunt where "tom" is eating with a female

tom (to girl at table)- "have you met my roommate"
girlfriend - "we've been married for 4 years..."
girl at table - "damn girl you got tom'd big time"
by missindsey February 18, 2010
Being replaced on MySpace in someone's "Top 8" with the system's default friend Tom. Considered an incredible insult.
If Natalie doesn't come to my dinosaur party, she's getting Tom'D for sure.
by Stephanie Sutton May 15, 2006
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