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An expression of disgust or disbelief. Often used after hearing unpleasant news or about the dumb actions of others. On rare occasions, it can be used to express excitement.
Guy 1: Man, they won't lemme in the movie because I don't have my I.D.

Guy 2: Psh, them bitches be trixxie.
Guy 1: You hear about the guy that snorted the powder packet in beef jerky bags? I think he died.

Guy 2: Dude, bitches be trixxie these days.

Guy 1: Word.
Guy 1: Hey! Guy 2! I just got a new razor scooter!

Guy 2: Cool...

Guy 1: Just cool? Bitches be trixxie!
by NeiLTheReaLDeaL September 12, 2010
While playing Mario Kart, you get shafted so bad and so many times, that you go from first to last and can't win the race.

Common symptoms of being Tom'd are: Losing horribly, throwing controllers, screaming at t.v., loss of respect, ridicule from friends, not wanting to play Mario Kart, and having to leave the house because its late and people need their sleep.
Jesse: No, no no no! Fu-fuck!! I just got shafted!!
Neil: No Jesse, you just got Tom'd.
Jessie: *throws controller* I'm done with this.
by NeiLTheReaLDeaL September 11, 2010
The action of seriously owning an individual.

To totally destroy someone in a fight even though they brought their "friends" to help out.
To go about your business of kickin' ass and takin' names without even caring.
Guy 1: Holy crap! Did you just see that fight?!
Guy 2: Yeah man, that one dude was swingin' dick heavy! He totally messed that douche-bag up!
Guy 1: Oh shit, I think I found part of his ear...
Inmate 1: What're you in for?
Inmate 2: Oh you know, I got caught swingin' dick heavy on some guy.
Inmate 1: Don't lie to me. If you were really swingin' dick heavy, you would've destroyed the cops too.
by NeiLTheReaLDeaL February 14, 2011

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