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2 definitions by missindsey

The act of engaging in extremely gratifying sexual behavior with a professor who teaches civil war history. This may be graded.
We had a relatively normal day until I ended up at Dr. Vanilla's house earning my freedom through the undersheets railroad, it was a true emancipation penetration...and that poor dog had to watch
by missindsey February 18, 2010
The unfortunate result of participating in a relationship with a womanizing bastard who habitually refers to you as a roommate or buddy even after years of being married or in a serious relationship. the act of being tom'd can lead to anger, dismay, denial, and ultimately complete and utter hatred and disgust for all men.
wife/girlfriend enters restraunt where "tom" is eating with a female

tom (to girl at table)- "have you met my roommate"
girlfriend - "we've been married for 4 years..."
girl at table - "damn girl you got tom'd big time"
by missindsey February 18, 2010