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To snoop, look over one's shoulder, or otherwise obtain information, in an unwelcome manner, about one's private business or affairs, and, particularly, to do so with an air of self-righteous arrogance.

Pronounced "Taves".
Named for Canada's Public Safety Minister, Vic Toews, who has pursued legislation to allow government officials to access private online and telecommunications data, in some cases without a warrant.

"Sally was convinced that her boyfriend was cheating, so she decided to Toews his facebook account."

"John was overlooking the keypad while Joe was inputting his PIN, to which Joe exclaimed: 'Don't Toews me bro!'"
by DonToewsMeBro February 18, 2012
v. To dislike something/someone due to the fact that it/she/he is highly disgusting.
OMG! He'll never have a chance with her.

Oh gosh! I ew the law since since the cop arrested me.

My mom wants me to ew my boyfriend.
by golden_peanut November 24, 2009
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