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To masturbate furiously.

Colloquialism originating in rural Ireland.

Todging has long been known to lead to reduced vigour, impurity, blindness and satan worshipping.
Person 1: Imma todge in a bit
Person 2: Me too
Person 1: Cool
Person 2: Wanna watch each other?
Person 1: Sure
by Doctor Moose February 11, 2014
Short for todger. One syllable variation of the classic British todger.
This guy is a complete todge
by Daniel Normandeau January 14, 2005
Todge,The male sex organ also known as dick,cock,wang,tallywack etc.
WO dude get your queer hands off my todge

Look at peter clarke he's a right todge
A thin poking device of varying diameter dependent on girth of the legal high coneage, used to pack down the contents to give a better cone, controlled ignition and a smoother smoke
Can you pass me the todge, this one's like a sleeping bag
by WeThree February 21, 2009

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