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The dirty stench you are sometimes subjected to when you walk past a really fat person, its just like a dirty urine smell, like they can't wash under the folds of fat. Makes you have to hold your breath when you walk past.
A: Dude, can you smell that?
B: We just walked past that fat old woman, it was probably her.
A: I guess, it was a stinky piss smell now you mention it.
B: There's a word for that, I think it's stinky fat piss smell?
by WeThree November 05, 2010
A thin poking device of varying diameter dependent on girth of the legal high coneage, used to pack down the contents to give a better cone, controlled ignition and a smoother smoke
Can you pass me the todge, this one's like a sleeping bag
by WeThree February 21, 2009

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