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Very funny liberal who hosts 'Real Time with Bill Maher', widely regarded as one of the best shows on television. Not afraid to speak the truth, and does on most issues. Hates religion, so offends a lot. Somewhat paradoxically for a liberal, supports Israel, but let's not get into that.

Oh yeah, he also goes to Amsterdam to legally smoke pot.
Did you see Bill Maher last night? He spoke the truth on a lot of issues! How dare he!
by SenorHuevosBenedicto June 25, 2011
A city in Italy actually called Napoli, but known as Naples to the English speaking world, perhaps to trick people into accidentally saying 'nipples.'

Also referenced ad nauseum in Dean Martin songs. We get it. He was born in Naples.
"I love the feel of nipples. I mean Naples. Fuck!"
by SenorHuevosBenedicto June 25, 2011
Tobuscus, or Toby Turner in reality, is a famous youtuber known for his hilarious literal trailers, Facebook game commercials and quite funny vlogs.

However, his game playthroughs are incredibly unfunny and that 'Cute Win Fail' series is just pointless.
Did you see that literal trailer by Tobuscus? That was some funny shit!
by SenorHuevosBenedicto June 25, 2011
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