Toast, if a Youtube poop reference, ripped from an extra scene in the video game "Hotel Mario" For the Sega CD.

It is laughed apon because of Marios mistake saying "You know what they say, all toasters toast toast."

Toast is what all toasters toast.
Mario: *Walking into a room with a clusterfuck of toasters plugged into one outlet.*
Mario: "Hahahaa, here's the problem...too many TOASTERS!"
Mario: *Holding up a bag of Bowsers sowerpuss bread* "You know what they say... all toasters, toast toast."
*Mario unplugs outlet and toast goes flying everywere*

Link: "Oh boy! I'm so hungry! I could eat -TOAST"

The king: "Enough, my TOASTER TOASTS TOAST in the morning. I wonder whats for -BREAKFAST!"
by John Claset February 20, 2008
Top Definition
Destroyed, terminated, ceased functioning, ended abruptedly by external forces
"My car was toast after I hit that wall"
by P Prabhanhi September 18, 2003
Only the best food ever. As in EVER! Seriously, bread goes in the toaster, toast comes out! YES.
*pop* Was that the toaster? MINE!!!!!!!!
by Killykillydeathdeath July 24, 2006
A variation on the term 'repost' which has stuck. On the You Laugh, You Lose Facebook group, instead of just typing "repost" on a familiar picture, members would type variations, the most popular and lasting being 'toast'. Coined by Nigel Lewis Hassell.
That picture is toast.
by PhantomDoughnut December 31, 2010
"We don't go nowhere without toast, we thugged out" - 50 Cent's "Wanksta"
by SyX July 03, 2003
All toasters toast it.
Mario: Aha! Here's the problem, too many toasters.
Mario: You know what they say... all toasters, toast toast!
by Teh Problem August 18, 2009
Toast is a New York slang for Gun. It probably evolved from the term Burner (as in when the bullet pierces your body it burns).
by mauriciagrant October 20, 2003
1: carbonised bread
2: to raise your glass to someone/something
A toast to bread! For without bread there would be no toast!
by Pretty Vacant May 18, 2004
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